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By Dr. Vladimir Untalan, Head of Anesthesiology Department and Dr. Marika Biag

In keeping up with the new status of Bataan General Hospital as a Level 3 health care facility, the Department of Anesthesiology submitted its letter of intent to have an accredited residency training program to the Philippine Board of Anesthesiology (PBA) during the first quarter of the year. Upon fulfilling the requirements for application, a visit was scheduled.

Last August 9, 2016, the BGH Department of Anesthesiology welcomed to the hospital the PBA Board of Accreditors represented by Dr. Fidel C. Payawal, Dr. Tygran Romeo C. Odi, Dr. Jaime G. Velasquez and Dr. Edgardo M. Simon. The department presented for inspection its staff, training program manual, census of cases, and available anesthetic drugs and equipment. The visit included a tour around the operating room, punctuated by a short meeting with the Medical Center Chief II, Dr. Glory V. Baltazar. An initial assessment was given including several suggestions for areas of improvement such as equipment, and a reminder of the bigger task of training and molding residents once the program has started. The visit ended on a positive note as the Board of Accreditors was optimistic in granting an initial accreditation.

Finally, on October 19, 2016, the BGH Department of Anesthesiology was officially granted a Residency Training Accreditation with an initial validity of one (1) year with a provision of reaccreditation by virtue of another inspection by the PBA.

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