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Various Office, Medical and other Machinery Equipment


National Printing Office - Account Forms No. 51-C

St. Joseph Printing Press - Laboratory Charge Slip (Triplicate)

ORO Oxygen Corporation - Medical Oxygen

NFA For the month of January 2015



Addendum No. 15-07-004 (July 6, 2015)

BID DOCS No. 2015-001

BID DOCS No. 2015-002

Addendum No. 15-01-001 

Revised BID DOCS

Minutes of Meetings

Addendum No. 14-10-001




Procurement of: IV Fluids Nervous System Acting Medicines Musko-Skeletal System and Joints Acting Medicines Anti-Infectives Immunologicals Cardiovascular Medicines Diuretics Respiratory Medicines Anti-Allergies Antineoplastic and Immunosuppressives Blood-Affecting Medicines Blood Products and Blood Substitutes Gastrointestinal Medicines Hormones and Hormone Antagonists Uterus Acting Medicines Medicines Correcting Water Electrolyte Acid-Base and Caloric Disturbances Dermatological and Mucous Membrane Agents(Topical)Ophthalmological Preparations Vitamins and Minerals Pharmacy Supplies Medical Oxygen 


Procurement of * Antiallergics, Antidotes, Blood-Affecting Medicines and Diuretics *Anti-Infectives and Topical Medicines * Cardiovascular Medicines * Gastrointestinal Medicines and Immunologicals *Antidiabetic Medicines and Insulins & other Antidiabetic Drugs * Nervous System Acting Medicines and Uterine Medicines *Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS), Parenteral Nutrition/Electrolyte/Additive Solutions and Vitamins & Minerals *Ophthalmic Products *Antineoplastics and Immunosuppressives *Respiratory Medicines * Pharmacy Supplies * Intravenous Fluids * General Medical Supplies * OR/DR Supplies * Medical Imaging Supplies * Laboratory Supplies * Electrical/Hardware Supplies * Office & Housekeeping Supplies

Intravenous Fluids - Pharmacy Supplies - Anti-Infectives and Topical Medicines - Cardiovascular Medicines - Gastrointestinal Medicines - Respiratory Medicines - Parenteral Nutrition/Electrolyte/Additive Solutions and Vitamins & Minerals –Immunologicals - Nervous System Acting Medicines - Antiallergics, Antidiabetic Medicines, Antidotes, Blood-Affecting Medicines, Diuretics and Uterine Medicines - Ophthalmic Products (July 6, 2015)

Procurement of IV Fluids, Pharmacy Supplies,Drugs & Medicines, Medical Supplies, Medical Imaging Supplies, Laboratory Supplies, Medical Oxygen, Electrical/Hardware Supplies, Office &Housekeeping Supplies, Medical Equipment, Operating Room Equipment, Medical Imaging Equipment, and Passenger Van

Extension/Renovation of Medical Records Building and Renovation/Conversion of old Morgue and Supply Storage Building into Supply Office and Warehouse(Bid no. 2015-001) and Construction of Supply Office, Storage Rooms and Cadaver Holding Area(Bid no. 2015-002)

Procurement of IV Fluids, Drugs & Medicines, Pharmacy Supplies, Medical Supplies, Medical Imaging (X-ray) Supplies, Laboratory Supplies, Dental Supplies, Medical Oxygen, Hardware/Electrical Supplies, Office & Housekeeping Supplies, Nutrition and Dietetics Supplies, IT Equipment, IT Supplies, Installation of PABX, MEdical Equipment and Passenger Van


 Request Quotation for the following items:

A.T.S. 1500 I.U and others (closing date September 18, 2014 9:00AM)

UF II Sheath and others (closing date September 18, 2014 9:00AM)

Urinal Plastic with calibration and others (closing date September 18, 2014 9:00AM)

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