medico legal

The Bataan General Hospital in its continued effort to address all aspects of hospital management conducted a seminar on Medico-Legal on January 7, 2015. The seminar as initiated by the Training Committee Chairperson, Dr. Don Arlie Romero was attended by 37 medical doctors representing all departments and was headed by the Medical Center Chief, Dr. Glory V. Baltazar.


The seminar aimed at increasing the knowledge of the participants in the provision and conduct of accurate and efficient Medico-Legal evaluations and certifications.

The speaker, Atty. Albert Rebosa, MD, a Medico-Legal Expert tackled the following topics which have all been interesting and enlightening: Who can request for Medico-Legal, Proper documentation and Terminology, Proper procedure in issuing Medico-Legal Certificates and Correction of Medico-Legal myths.

It was an interactive and participative type of seminar.  Physicians queries and concerns were immediately addressed and consensus from the group on how to apply and implement the same in BGH setting was agreed upon.

To date, all learnings from the said Medico-Legal seminar were adopted and applied in BGH setting.