Message from the Medical Center Chief

The Bataan General Hospital (BGH) is geared in achieving the Millennium Development goals in congruence with the provision of Universal Health Care.

BGH 73 years of journey is remarkable. Its metamorphosis from a simple health facility with very few staff transformed to an internationally accredited government hospital is worth being considered as a benchmark.

Patients are the center of what BGH has become and what will it be. Bataan General Hospital has gone a long way. It has constructed three buildings, improved the facilities, acquired state of the art equipment, hired medical doctors, nurses, health allies and support staff (aiming to complete manpower in three years), quality procedures and work instruction are documented and practiced, rules and policies are in place, and most importantly continual improvement is aimed as no stone is left unturned. External and internal audits are conducted to ensure quality performance and delivery of services to all stakeholders at a level of International Organization Standard.

The challenges in disguise such as financial constraints, workload beyond the norms, and poor grasp of other stakeholders on the rules and policies implemented are constructed as opportunities to walk an extra mile to achieve what everybody in BGH has always wanted…total patient satisfaction.

Patient satisfaction as an end in mind for every undertaking is clear, quality health care that is: holistic in which the whole gamut of patient’s need is met; excellent with the provision of best medical treatment, efficiently delivered by committed staff, and is equitable to all stakeholders.

After all, the hospital’s existence as an institution is created by the demand of the patient, who being sick should find remedy and solace.

To BGH patients:  “You are the most important visitors in this hospital”

To patients’ relatives and other stakeholders: “You are most welcome and we are pleased to serve you, all for the optimum wellness of our patients”