The Program for Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence leads the search for 2017 Best employee from 5 different divisions. A different approach was done in selecting last year’s best employee. One day election was implemented wherein employees will vote for the best employee in their respective division. Fifty percent rating will come from the voting and 25 percent from the PRAISE committee’s deliberation and another 25 percent from the Medical Center Chief. The 2017 quarterly best employee are the nominees for 2017 best employee. This is the first time that the committee implemented such approach and was received fairly well by the BGH employees. It also gives importance to our objective to award the most credible employee.

Last February 19, 2018, the recognition giving body awards the best employee from different (five) divisions of the hospital. Each of them received 5000 pesos worth of groceries and Plaque. The awardees for the 2017 Best employee were the following: Dr Almira Kiat (Medical Division), Angelita Aquino ( Ancillary Division), Merilyn Pomer (Nursing Division), Roleta Rafael (Finance Division), Florentino Cruz (HOPS Division).

The Praise committee aims to inspire employees to bring their best attitude and professionalism at work. As our institution geared towards Performance Governance System, a new challenge lies ahead. Surely, employees will have to adapt the changes and the Praise committee will always be on a look out to those employees who will follow and those who will excel.