Under Performance Governance System, one of the core processes is linkages. In order to achieve this, BGHMC Medical Center Chief, Dr. Glory V. Baltazar, spearheaded the development of BGHMC-SDN Online Referral System. The goal of the project is to institutionalize linkages with stakeholders for a functional Service Delivery Network within the province. Service delivery network is a health service delivery structure composed of network of health service providers at different levels of care and is a tool to ensure proper gatekeeping of health cases. Through SDN, health care delivery system is organized and effective and quality health services will be provided to all stakeholders. The first line of service provider which is the Rural Health Unit (RHU) serves as entry point to comprehensive services and shall facilitate referrals to higher levels of health care as needed. With BGHMC-SDN Online Referral System, there will be proper referral of cases from the RHU to district hospitals, and to BGHMC. Primary cases will be catered by RHU, secondary cases at district hospitals and tertiary cases at BGHMC. The system has three modules for referral at BGHMC, these are the Emergency Department, Out-Patient Department and OB Department. Each area has an assigned staff that will process all referrals, thus service provision to all clients will be much more efficient and timely.

The project was implemented last July 2018 with Balanga City and 3 district hospitals namely, Jose C. Payumo Jr. Memorial Hospital, Orani District Hospital and Bagac Community & Medicare Hospital as the pilot areas. A total of 1,651 cases were referred using the online referral system from July 2 to December 31, 2018. Out of the 1,651 cases, 1,519 or 92% were tertiary cases. Majority of the cases were referrals at Emergency Department (52%). The facility with the most number of referrals was Jose C. Payumo Jr. Memorial Hospital with 555 cases (34%) followed by Orani District Hospital with 546 cases (33%) and Bagac Community and Medicare Hospital with 356 cases (22%).

For 2019, BGHMC will be expanding the project implementation to other local government units. With the cooperation and support of LGUs particularly the Municipal/City Health Offices and other local health facilities, the BGHMC-SDN Online Referral System will greatly contribute to the achievement of the vision of the province, which is to attain the top level Human Development Index in the Philippines by 2020.