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Bataan General Hospital (BGH) held its series of strategy cascading through the annual teambuilding activity last May 22-23, June 1-2 and June 7-8, 2018 at Fontana Resort and Country Club, Clark Freeport, Angeles, Pampanga. The activity aimed to cascade the strategy map and vetted outputs each department and section heads have committed through the hospital’s new undertaking towards institutionalizing a Performance Governance System (PGS).

During each strategy-cascading activity, MCC Dr. Glory V. Baltazar discussed the relevance of adapting PGS as it will play an important role in the efficient execution of strategies in achieving our hospital’s vision of becoming the leading and trusted multi-specialty medical center in Central Luzon by 2022. A notable addition of the word “trusted” to the hospital’s vision is deeply rooted having been once tagged as a “butcher hospital” and we embark on this daunting quest to hopefully be vindicated from that public stigma.

As PGS has been known to incorporate innovative strategies on top of routine functions of any organization, BGH has come to adapt a well-known strategy in relating to its patients and stakeholders – the Disney’s approach in customer service. The four elements in Disney’s excellent customer service starts with safety and courtesy followed by show-ready attitude and lastly, efficiency. BGH will adapt this as its strategic innovation for change with emphasis on safety and courtesy towards our patients and colleagues as well.

All the initial PGS efforts of the Office of Strategic Management working alongside the top management have been cascaded to all employees of the hospital. The employees’ understanding of the cascading activity was measured through each division’s role-playing of BGH scenarios where each strategic innovation can be demonstrated.

This year’s cascading activity embodies the transformation as we head on to the hospital’s renaming to Bataan General Hospital and Medical Center:

Business not as usual as we
Go for STRATEGIC contributions that are
Highly influence-able,
Must be verifiable, doable and
Counting on TEAM EFFORT towards proficiency and institutionalization