masscpr article

The Bataan General Hospital has successfully participated in the nationwide mass training on Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) last April 25, 2016. The said activity with a theme "Save a Life, Learn CPR" was organized by the Philippine Heart Association (PHA) and the PHA-CPR Council in order to promote awareness and basic knowledge on Hands-Only CPR to every Filipino age appropriate for the skill, to strengthen and campaign to everyone to lobby and support the passage of the "Samboy Lim" Bill, to gather and unify all stakeholders providing training and education on Resuscitation in the country for the common advocacy and future initiatives and lastly to uplift the status of the Philippines internationally and worldwide in the field of Resuscitation that the Philippines is truly "CPR ready".

Likewise, the said activity was an official attempt of the PHA to acquire the Guinness World Record for the largest number of people given Hands-only CPR training at a given time (4 hours) on multiple venues. It was formally launched during the flag ceremony followed by per batch CPR training which was attended by 100 BGH employees from the three divisions mainly: Medical and Ancillary headed by Dr. Roberto Luneta, Nursing led by Ms. Evelyn Rubia and Hospital Operations and Patients Support under Ms. Myrna Magat. The success of the said activity became possible through the efforts of BGH-Health Emergency Management Staff (HEMS) team headed by Dr. Noel Laxamana and through the endless support of Dr. Glory V. Baltazar, Medical Center Chief of BGH.