RFQ 21-09-402 Tocilizumab Baricitinib

RFQ 21-09-384 Handheld Video Laryngoscope

RFQ 21-09-381 Tocilizumab Baricitinib

RFQ 21-09-370 Pipettor 1-10uL

RFQ 21-09-369 Baricitib 4mg

RFQ 21-08-359 PCR Lab and others

RFQ 21-09-374 Wax Paper 30cm x 10m roll and others

RFQ 21-09-371 Dental Air Compressor and others

RFQ 21-09-376 UV Trolley Type

RFQ 21-09-368 External Slim HDD

RFQ 21-09-367 Heavy duty cross cut shredder, paper shredding machine

RFQ 21-08-362 Mobile Base UHF

RFQ 21-08-349 Pressure Washer Set Belt Driven and Others

RFQ 21-08-357 Dialysis Machine and Others

RFQ 21-08-345 Wax Paper 30cm x 10m roll and others

RFQ 21-08-312 Dental Air Compressor

RFQ 21-07-298 cadaver bag

RFQ 21-07-297 nucleic acid

RFQ 21-07-294 critical cover with hood

RFQ 21-07-304 External Slim HDD and others

RFQ 21-07-303 One piece colostomy bag for infant

RFQ 21-07-295 Pediatric Colostomy bagwater

RFQ 21-07-281 Interlocking intramedullary nails

RFQ 21-08-321 Repair of Platelet Freezer Helmer HPF125 and others

RFQ 21-08-318 ECG Machine with 4 limbs 6 chest electrodes and others

RFQ 21-08-312 Dental Air Compressor

RFQ 21-08-317 Portable Toilet

RFQ 21-08-313 Newspaper Publication

RFQ 21-08-314 Ferritin 25T and others

RFQ 21-07-298 cadaver bag

RFQ 21-07-297 nucleic acid

RFQ 21-07-294 critical cover with hood

RFQ 21-07-307 Sewing Machine

RFQ 21-07-309 Enoxaparin and others

RFQ 21-07-296 Oxygen Regulator and others

RFQ 21-07-301 Remde and Toci

RFQ 21-07-266 Transport Stretcher

RFQ 21-07-267 RO Membrane and others

RFQ 21-06-262 BGHMC Wi-Fi Network Infrastructure Project and IHOMP TOR

RFQ 21-06-251 Multi-function Printer and others

RFQ 21-06-250 Paper, Multi-purpose

RFQ 21-06-248 Tocilizumab 400mg20ml and others

RFQ 21-06-241 ITB External Slim HDD and others

RFQ 21-06-236 Intel Mini PC and others

RFQ 21-06-234 PCR Lab and others

RFQ 21-06-224 School Chair

RFQ 21-05-222 Kyocera Toner TK-7120

RFQ 21-06-237 Disposable Hemoperfusion Cartridge for Sepsis

RFQ 21-06-230 BGHMC Wi-Fi Network Infrastructure Project

RFQ 21-06-226 CCTV Security System for New Parking Lot

RFQ 21-05-207 Air Oxygen Blender

RFQ 21-04-170 Magazine Size (Folder) 8.5" x 11", 17" x 11" C2S 80LBS (paper)

RFQ 21-04-158 Point to Multi-point Wireless Sector and others

RFQ 21-04-157 High Quality Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

RFQ 21-04-146 Washing Machine with Spinner and others

RFQ 21-04-131 Multi-function Printer & others



RFQ PR 21-02-070 and PR 21-02-072 Engineering Supplies and Equipment

RFQ 21-02-418 CD-R or DVD-R/ PC 52 x (700MB data/ 80 mins music) (with provision of paper case and compatible CD burner) and others

RFQ 20-12-418 Glucose (dextrose) 50%, 50ml (IV) and others

RFQ 20-12-420 Sodium bicarbonate 1mEq per mL 50mL IV Infusion and others

RFQ 20-12-417 Gastro-intestinal anastomosis loading unit and others

RFQ 20-11-382 Electronic Door Access (5sets)

RFQ 20-10-358 Negotiated Procurement Two Failed Biddings Various Medical Equipment

RFQ 20-10-373 14x17 Film Envelope

RFQ 20-09-294 PM Kit for Novair Oxygen Generator and others

RFQ 20-08-276 Dual Monitor Desk Mount et al.


RFQ 20-05-092 Panoramic Dental Xray

RFQ 20-02-018 Supply, Delivery, Testing and Commisioning of Brand New Ambulance Type 1

RFQ 20-03-052 Stable Mixture 7

RFQ 20-03-051 Surface Bio-Decontaminantion Process Equipment

RFQ 20-02-048 Ravens Progressive Matrices and others

RFQ 20-02-047 Branded Laptop Set and others

RFQ 20-02-043 Pharmacy - Sevoflurane 250ml

RFQ 20-02-039 Executive table with top glass and others

RFQ 20-02-034 DPL - Acid Fast Stain 500ml and others

RFQ 20-02-033 DPL - Biological Safety Cabinet Class II

RFQ 20-02-031 20-02-030 20-02-032 Pharmacy - Diphenhydramine and others

RFQ 20-02-026 LPG 50kg

RFQ 20-01-017 Facemask N95 and others

RFQ 20-01-008 Panoramic Dental Xray

RFQ 20-01-002 Ambulance

RFQ 2020-01-005 Face mask N95 and others

RFQ 19-12-750 USB 32G

RFQ 19-12-747 19-12-748 Branded Laptop Set and others

RFQ 19-12-749 Steel Locker Cabinet and others

RFQ 20-01-001 Cement 40kg and others

RFQ 19-10-615 Panoramic Dental Xray

RFQ 19-11-666 19-11-670 Dengue Duo and others

RFQ 19-11-665 Handbell and others

RFQ 19-11-664 Calcium Carbonate and others

RFQ 19-11-663 Balanced Multiple Maintenance Solution plus 5 percent Dextrose 500 mL Infants IV Infusion and others

RFQ 19-11-662 Executive Chair and others

RFQ 19-11-659 Branded Desktop Set and others

RFQ 19-11-655 19-11-661 Blood Culture bottle Adult with ARD at least 50s and others

RFQ 19-11-653 ECG Cable with lead wires 5 leads and others

RFQ 19-10-641 Executive Table with top glass atleast 3 drawers and Others

RFQ 19-10-632 Supply, Delivery and Installation of 13x54 Carbon Tank Filter includes Media Elements and Others

RFQ 19-10-636 Autoclave 50 Liters Brand New

RFQ 19-10-643 Facemask N-95 and others

RFQ 19-10-635 Simpson forcep 12.5 inches and others

RFQ 19-10-627 Piezo Electric Ultrasonic Scaler

RFQ 19-10-606 & 19-10-616 Lamivudine and others

RFQ 19-10-625 Washing Machine and others

RFQ 19-10-620 & 19-10-622 Anti-HBs and others

RFQ 19-10-615 Panoramic Dental Xray

RFQ 19-10-603 Baby bath soap small at least 50 grams and others

RFQ 19-09-595 Flexible Reamers with Power Drill Rental

RFQ 19-09-594 ECG Recording Paper and Others

RFQ 19-09-588 Sodium Bicarbonate and Others

RFQ 19-09-585 Magnetic Contactor and Others

Laboratory (Urine Flow Cytometry Reagent with Control 1000T and others

Dry Film 8 x 10 with Provision of Printer

RFQ 18-12-751 AV Fistula Needles and others

RFQ 18-08-433 CCTV

RFQ 18-08-429 Multi-Function Printer

RFQ 18-08-425 USB Thumb Drive, 8GB

18-08-422 Peristaltic Tubing and others

18-05-314 Fortigate 100D Firewall Subscription Renewal

18-06-334 Guidewire 0.035 inches diameter_53EE84

18-06-336 10% Dextrose in Water 500mL and others

18-06-337 Pillow Case, Cotton

RFQ No. 17-07-289

RFQ No. 17-07-292a

RFQ No. 17-07-292b

RFQ No. 17-07-294

RFQ No. 17-07-296

RFQ No. 17-07-298

RFQ No. 17-07-299


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