article shared responsibility

     OSM/  MSGC Coordinator

A remarkable achievement becomes more valuable as it is shared with all others, Dr. Glory V. Baltazar exemplified this as she presented the PGS Plaque of Recognition to the MSGC Officers and members in appreciation of their commitment as external champions and partners of BGH.

“Making governance a shared responsibility” becomes a new battle cry as the Department of Health enjoins government hospital to adopt the Performance Governance System ...“ Challenge Accepted” was the bold response of the Bataan General Hospital.

In its 77 years of existence, Bataan General Hospital has been at the forefront of providing healthcare service to the people. As the hospital continually moves forward under the leadership of Dr. Baltazar, and the support of the Department of Health and the Bataan Provincial Government, the organization continues to work towards creating breakthroughs in the performance of its mandates in the scope of its service and in bringing sustainable development in the practice of medicine and healthcare delivery in the province of Bataan and neighboring provinces. These strategies form part and parcel of the principal scheme of attaining the hospital’s vision of being the leading and trusted multi-specialty medical center in Central Luzon. This is too big a responsibility but it can be shared…

The arduous work entailed in adopting the PGS is designed to support the distinctive service-oriented character of public sector institutions. As such, passion for service remains to be the driving force behind the notable performance of BGH in enforcing fundamental reforms in the delivery of its healthcare services. It is in this regard that it became imperative for the organization to set up a Multi-Sector Governance Council (MSGC) composed of notable leaders of proven competency, and who, more so, share the same passion for service and intestinal fortitude for reform. It is among the MSGC Officers and members with Gov. Abet Garcia as Honorary member that BGH ultimately found its partners in championing the hospital’s roadmap towards its vision.

Last June 14, 2018, the Bataan General Hospital successfully completed the second stage in the Governance Pathway of the Performance Governance System (PGS). It is in this stage that the organization of MSGC is required to ensure the sustainability of the strategies set to achieve its goals. The hospital was privileged to get the full support of the council that everything went well so that BGH was bestowed the Compliant Status, in which the formal organization of the Bataan General Hospital Multi-Sectoral Governance Council (BGHMSGC) an important element was recognized. What was amazing to this development is the period of time which is barely two (2) months of implementation that the aimed level was achieved which is record breaking as compared to others who hurdled the same for years.

The triumphant event was marked with the symbolic addition of a second heart-shaped seal on the hospital’s PGS Plaque of Recognition. The heart symbol and even the word puso has long been used to represent drive, resilience, and passion of the people behind the success of Bataan General Hospital. This achievement is truly remarkable but it became more illustrious with the gesture of Medical Center Chief, Dr. Glory V. Baltazar as she shared the recognition to all the indefatigable employees and others forming part of the organization including the MSGC officers and members.