By: Jerry James B. Bunagan, MD, FPPS
     Chairman, Department of Pediatrics

Poster Making Contest by the Bataan General Hospital-Department of Pediatrics in cooperation with the PPS-Central Luzon Chapter and Bataan Medical Society. The theme of the poster making contest was “Mother and Child” and recently held at the BGH Pediatric Building. The objective of the contest was to gather young artist and express through visual means the theme of the poster. The event was coordinated through the participating schools of Bataan.

This activity kept the students engaged and it was organized to explore and encourage creativity in students and offer them a platform to showcase their skills. It inspired them to think and work creatively in order to promote artistic excellence. They came up with amazing creativity. Their efforts and initiative was appreciated by one and all. The final judgement was made by the Doctor artists of Bataan last December 1, 2017. Dr. Glory V. Baltazar, Dr. Ma. Teresa C. Vega, and Dr. Leonora DG. Medina.The rubrics for judgement were: adherence to the theme, Creativity, Visual Impact, and Composition. The winners were announced last December 7, 2017 at the Bataan General Hospital. The winners are: Bataan Medical Society Choice Award-#18 Gabriel Jr Reyes (COBNHS), Bataan Pediatricians Choice Award-#1 Bernadette del Rosario (BNHS), Bataan General Hospital Choice Award-#14 Marteen Vince Czavier Iguico (HRPI), Honorable Mentions: #1 Bernadette del Rosario, #4 Kimberly Naga, #19 Rey Paulo, #11 Jailyn Reyes and #14 Marteen Vince Iguico. The major winners are: Third Place-#10 Dhianrei Jeanette Bautista (BNHS), Second Place-#18 Gabriel Jr Reyes (COBNHS), and First Place-#16 Clarisse May Lantin (COBNHS). The winners were given Certificate of Recognition, Gifts and Cash Prizes. All entries will be posted in the Pediatric Building of Bataan General Hospital.

Finalists: High School Students from Public and Private Schools of Bataan

1. Bernadette del Rosario – Bataan National High School
2. Jowen Fangon - Bataan National High School
3. Rosalie dela Cruz - Bataan National High School
4. Kimberly Naga - Bataan National High School
5. Luis Miguel Masagca - Bataan National High School
6. NikoleLacayanga- Bataan National High School
7. Carmela Borero - Bataan National High School
8. Ramil dela Cruz - Bataan National High School
9. Leann Reese Mendoza - Bataan National High School
10. Dhianrei Jeanette Bautista - Bataan National High School
11. Michel Raven Espinoza – Holy Rosary Parochial Institute
12. Jailyn Reyes - Holy Rosary Parochial Institute
13. John Dhee Cendana - Holy Rosary Parochial Institute
14. Marteen Vince Czavier Iguico - Holy Rosary Parochial Institute
15. Princess Jairah Apostol - Holy Rosary Parochial Institute
16. Clarissa May Lantin – City of Balanga National High School
17. Loy Justin Silverio - City of Balanga National High School
18. Gabriel Jr. Reyes - City of Balanga National High School
19. Rey Paulo – Justine Emilio Angeles Gancayco Memorial High School
20. Jam Lester Peralta - City of Balanga National High School
21. Camella Mae Guila - City of Balanga National High School