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PROVISON of FREE SERVICES on the following:

  • Screening, assessment and sputum collection for new and retreatment tb cases.
  • Sputum examination through GENE XPERT Machine. (First in the province of Bataan)
  • Identification and referral of Presumptive, Susceptible and Confirmed Drug Resistant TB patients.
  • Screening of household contacts for confirmed TB patients.
  • Provision of pre-treatment evaluation such as Blood Chemistry, Chest X-ray and sputum examinations.
  • Provision of Patient Initiated Counselling and Testing on TB HIV.
  • Initiation and supervision of daily treatment through Directly Observed Treatment Short Course
    or "tutok gamutan" on both regular and Drug Resistant TB.
  • Regular monitoring occurrences of possible clinical problems during treatment.
  • Clinical Management for Adverse Drug Reactions and provision of ancillary medications.
  • Provision of Health Education through monthly Group discussion and General Assembly.

For more information, please call (047) 237-0293.

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