pediatrics residency


Bataan General Hospital will be the premiere Pediatric Center in the Central Luzon Region recognized as one of the best for pediatric care, innovative research, and continuing medical education.


We provide hope, healing and the best healthcare for children and their families


  • Offer a world class and most comprehensive pediatric care services in the Central Luzon Region providing a full range of services solely dedicated to children.
  • Be recognized for innovative research supported by leading clinical trials of new treatment and diagnostic methods.
  • Be known as an effective advocate for Bataan’s children.


  • Strictly implement the standards set by the PPS-HAB
  • Use the competency-based curriculum
  • Participate in CPD, Child Advocacy, and Community Service activities of the PPS, PPS-Central Luzon Chapter, Sub-Specialty Societies, and other accredited institutions.
  • Produce graduates who are dedicated and equipped with proper knowledge, attitudes, and skills making them five-star pediatricians
  • Enable the residents to qualify and pass the PPS certifying examination


  • Inspire and encourage fellow pediatricians to pursue professional advancement through a continuing professional development, further training, leadership, and research activities.
  • Promote a harmonious relationship with everyone
  • Instill in each member strong moral and ethical values



  • Develop skills in the conduct of research
  • Encourage relevant research studies
  • Participate in local and international research forum
  • Submit completed researches in scientific journals for publication
  • Participate in PPS-Central Luzon Chapter Inter-Hospital Research Contest


  1. 1. Resume
    2. Letter of Intent
    3. Photocopy of Diploma (highest educational attainment)
    4. Photocopy of transcript of record
    5. RA 1080 (board certificate), updated PRC license
    6. Photocopy copy TIN ID
    7. NBI clearance (photocopy)
    8. Applicants take the written examination prepared by the committee
    9. Evaluation of each applicant based on present criteria using their curriculum vitae and written examination result
    10. Interview by the training committee
    11. Pre-residency training for a minimum of 2-4 weeks

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